How to Buy CMM Loc-N-Load™ Bundled Systems – Metric

Loc-N-Load™ plates are designed so that you do not have to cover the entire granite, thereby losing that valuable datum source. Add rails to multiple machines and individual plates can move from one piece of equipment to another.

The system is also designed for customers to start out with only the plates they need and add components as required. Product is ready-made and can ship right away without long lead times that slow production. Covering the entire granite is no longer necessary.

Consider the following when choosing plates, rails and work holding:

  • Overall size of granite/stage?
  • Is there a probe station or other constraints?
  • Number of CMMs or vision systems?
  • Typical sizes of parts; part families?
  • Will the fixture plate stay with a job box?
  • Existing work holding compatibility?
  • Existing fixtures to convert with adapter plates?

Ordering Instructions

Step 1: Choose a docking rail and plate configuration based on the stage size of the machine.

Step 2: Choose from one of the three pre-configured work holding kits.

Step 3: Add additional plates and/or clamps as needed.

To order components individually or to add to your bundled system, visit our Loc-N-Load™ page.

Plate Configurations



(1) 50 x 360mm Docking Rail

(2) 180 x 180mm Plates

(1) 180 x 180mm Angle Plate

(1) Qual Bar Plate

Price with Kits

SYSM1:DK360TR01 includes TR-KIT-01M

SYSM1:DK360TR02 includes TR-KIT-02M

SYSM1:DK360TR03 includes TR-KIT-03M

540mm Docking Rail & Plate System

(1) 50 x 540mm Docking Rail

(1) 180 x 180mm Plate

(1) 180 x 360mm Plate

(1) 180 x 180mm Angle Plate

(1) Qual Bar Plate

SYSM1:DK540TR01 includes TR-KIT-01M

SYSM1:DK540TR02 includes TR-KIT-02M

SYSM1:DK540TR03 includes TR-KIT-03M

720mm Docking Rail & Plate System

(1) 50 x 720mm Docking Rail

(1) 180 x 180mm Plate

(1) 180 x 360mm Plate

(1) 360 x 360mm Plate

(1) 180 x 180mm Angle Plate

(1) Qual Bar Plate

SYSM1:DK720TR01 includes TR-KIT-01M

SYSM1:DK720TR02 includes TR-KIT-02M

SYSM1:DK720TR03 includes TR-KIT-03M

Work Holding Kit Descriptions

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